All In




I fell asleep last night thinking about my first sunrise hike up Rattlesnake in months. I didn’t go solo this summer, instead spending my precious time at Mt Rainier. I briefly considered taking Yoda, but quickly changed my mind. Night is always when the worry and fear kick in.
When I climbed out of bed at 4:40 AM, a solo trip was still part of my plan. I made coffee and collected my things. I took the garbage out, prepped Kelly’s ice machine and moved my clutter from the kitchen to the art room. I started the dryer with last night’s wash and made some tea for the top of Rattlesnake.
Then it hit me like a train …

I HAD to take Yoda. Of course I did.
All my questions and worry were useless information without having had the experience of taking him in pitch black, frigid cold. So I got him up and asked him if he wanted to go for a ride with Mama.
“All in ”
If he could have said it, he would have. His tail said everything, though his paws on my thighs and those big brown eyes spoke volumes too. So I grabbed water and treats, poop bags and his new luminescent harness.

Officially 4 mile hike, but we explored the dry Rattlesnake lake bed too. We made it to the first ledge for sunrise. He’s a little tentative in the pitch dark, but as the first light began to glance off of trees he picked up his pace. He’s a little rockstar full of muscle, sass and sweetness. We had a lovely morning together ♡ God, I love this dog.
Here was our day: