Truly Madly Deeply


A couple weeks ago as I explored a new (to me) trail at Sunrise I quietly said my goodbyes.

I had guessed it would be my last adventure here until late next summer. The road to Sunrise closes with the first big snow and doing the math based on my schedule and the weather forecast, it seemed like farewell. I’d never make it back up.

Oh, but … never say never.


As luck or fate or pure good fortune would have it, these last few days have been spectacular ! Above the clouds and fog, the air is crisp and cool … the dirt crunchy beneath the feet.

Heart be still ♡

I asked a good friend if she’d like to join me for a sunrise hike to the Lookout at Mt Fremont and when I got an enthusiastic YES, we made it happen. Glorious morning.


Every time I visit I think I can’t love it more. Then there I am … at civil twilight in the shadow of Her Majesty and I fall. Again.



Good weather.

Good friend.

Good lord, I do so love this place.



Truly. Madly Deeply.

3 Comments on “Truly Madly Deeply

    • To be walking in that place, in that air, at that time … well, it’s just about the best thing in the world. Tuesday afternoon they closed the road to Sunrise, so we made it just in time. Who needs a lottery when you can win THIS ! ❤


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