I Can Breathe !!

It has been a challenging couple of weeks. Smoke, haze and outright unhealthy time outdoors. I almost passed on a hike today. I had to be up by 3:15 am and I haven’t been sleeping well at all. Last night I felt the cumulative effect of all of those factors.

But it’s Mount Rainier.

And I can’t say no.

And what a good thing that I said yes. My life is in transition (always) and I am learning to say yes to me more often. I’ve been spending a lot of energy on things that continue to only hurt me. That ends today.

Today I said yes to me and I feel a trend beginning. I am worth it.

Nothing but love for me and my mountain today. It felt good to take some full deep breaths. Ohm …

Here was my day :

The beginning …

The middle …

The end.


3 Comments on “I Can Breathe !!

  1. OMG! Gorgeous! I was going to go today, until I remembered I had this paint event. Course if I’d left at 3:15 I could have been back for it. But that wasn’t going to happen. I can sure see the advantage when you get there though. Crazy beautiful. I’m tres impressed with your drive.

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