Pinnacle Peak Trail


Spending two weeks near Paradise allowed me to explore a different side of the mountain. As is most often true, it really just helped add to my growing list of must-do hikes. My goal for the dwindling weeks of summer include Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground (a good friend did this last year, and I’ve been wanting to do it since. Read about her trip here ) , Summerland (probably my favorite) and Spray Park, which I try to hike every year.


A couple weeks ago I ventured to Reflection Lake to catch the early morning sun. I wasn’t feeling 100% so I wasn’t sure I would hike. Then I saw the sign. I knew I had to go.


This is a relatively short hike with a huge payoff. Hard to believe I hadn’t been here before. I’ll go back again to hike to Plummer Peak and beyond. On a clear day you really CAN see forever …20180727_07171120180727_06513320180727_08125020180727_09400120180727_09455220180727_09474520180727_10182620180727_09444320180727_08422720180727_07471020180727_09083920180727_10024420180727_09460420180727_09532920180727_09583220180727_09543920180727_08564820180727_08131520180727_07581320180727_11361920180727_08031820180801_10320420180727_22074420180727_08360120180727_22083420180727_075819


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