On Mineral Time


Busy few days here in Mineral. It really is a small town and you can sense that, taking a walk or wandering around the area. I haven’t stopped into the working post office yet, but it’s on my list. I ventured down to the general store which seems to be a hub. I could be wrong, but it’s pretty central to things and there was friendly chit-chat. I asked if I could take some photos and the owner was happy to oblige. I snapped a couple pics, grabbed a couple root beers and headed back. 20180719_15354120180719_15340920180719_150001



Ran into Jess on the front stoop of Mineral School and she offered to go walk with me down one of the logging roads. A chance to explore !



20180719_170131I got some good Mineral history. She seems to have embraced this tiny community with great enthusiasm. She so reminds me of someone I know, although I can’t for the life of me put my finger on who. No matter. She is great in her role of “dorm mom” and wonderful company for the week. 

Our Thursday evening was a visit from Putsata Reang ,a writer and Mineral alum and her friend Natasha Moni, a poet from South Seattle. They each did a short reading of their current work. This residency has exposed me to some incredibly bright people. I expect I am absorbing even more than I am aware of. Gotta love smart people 😊  Several locals from the area also attended and it was an evening that felt very “signature Mineral”. 


Oh, and of course Chef Laura outdid herself again !


20180719_21595320180719_205201I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I tossed and turned thinking about the idea of presenting my art progress for the week at a casual “show and tell” event next Thursday night. I’m not good in groups and like most every artist I know, we are our own worst critics. As a social experiment, our “show and tell” night will be a doozy… 

Even with just a few hours of solid sleep, I rose at daybreak and headed out the door. My plan had originally been sunrise at Sunrise, but the forecast gave me a reprieve. No beautiful sunrise this morning, but the world will always find a way to be beautiful anyway. 




Fog and clouds gave the morning an other-worldly twist. 
Reflection Lake was different yet again …
Steven’s Canyon was gorgeous as always …


Box Canyon is becoming a new favorite stop …


20180720_152222And the sun broke through as I reached Sunrise…

20180720_15205320180720_152231Sourdough Ridge held onto the eerie cloud deck longer than anywhere else. I love it there no matter what. It’s a spiritual touchstone for me, that bench. I feel like I am home. 

I had almost talked myself out of a hike but there is a certain allure to that mountain. I just can’t say no. 

20180720_15203020180720_15191020180720_152018I decided to travel the Sourdough Ridge nature trail to Frozen Lake and then make a decision where to go next when I arrived at that crossroads. 

Looking up the Mt Fremont trail I saw goats ! That made my mind up for me. What a glorious day at the mountain. 









20180720_112111I stopped at Basecamp Grill for a root beer and a double cheeseburger. I’d been obsessed with cheeseburger thoughts lately so it hit the spot ( although I am paying for it tonight … ). I’m beginning to deeply relax into this time.

( I wonder if Jillene can squeeze me in once more before I leave … )



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  1. Lotsa love here! The radios! The fog. The cairns. The bench where the photo of my mom and Rebecca spreading arms to the foggy nothingness was taken. <3

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