Today was full of mountain time. I rose just as nautical twilight was ending and civil twilight was beginning to paint the sky. Quiet roads. Ribbons of pink and blue. And an unmistakable calm.


I’ve been to Reflection Lake many times but it is never exactly the same. That might be the thing that gives it it’s character. It is certainly the thing I love the most ♡

The parking lot was fuller than usual. Also, I am later. I drove down viewpoint roads and even checked out Narada Falls before the crush of people descend. I want to know as much as I can about this place.


In a few short months the snow will begin falling on these alpine firs. The new green growth will give way to icy crystals and we will be eager again for summer. It is a short cycle of summer here. The flowers barely have enough time to pop their little heads out before they go into the familiar hiding of their long winters.


Here was my glorious day at the mountain.
I was able to do the whole Skyline Trail but not without challenges. At one point, coming down I ran into a Ranger telling people to divert to the Golden Gate Trail. Too much snow on Skyline. We talked awhile and after he saw my spikes, he sized me up and decided I could make it. And I did.
Marmots were everywhere today. This guy ran directly in front of me and planted himself face-first in the snow. Crazy dude. And I loved him. He didn’t move until I started back down the trail then he scurried off.
I made it over a mile on the Paradise Glacier Trail before I lost the trail completely. The Ranger told me to be extra careful here, so I turned around and headed back. I’ve only been once so I don’t know it well enough to mess around.

Before dinner I joined a few others down at the lake. They are bright, fun-loving people and I’m learning a lot from them already. I am realizing that part of this residency for me is to be less social. It’s not a bad thing. I’m easily 20 years older than my fellow residents. They are at the beginning of their work and creative lives, while I am 15 months from big changes. I enjoy them all. While I wrap up my evening they are heading to the local tavern. Oh, to be young ! Dinner was great again. Mediterranean !



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