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From my bed I can watch first light against the silhouette of a snowy Mount Rainier. While yesterday was a settling in and ‘meeting my school mates’ day, today will be a day of setting up my space, a nice massage in Ashford and a beginning …


So much to see.
And so much that begs to be discovered.
My day started with a technical glitch. My touch screen stopped working on my phone and made it inoperable. I figured it out with a bit of troubleshooting, but I am woefully unprepared for technical problems.
It will be another crazy-hot day here. Sultry, stagnant air. It reminds me a little of New Orleans. Time to dig out the iPod and crank up some Preservation Hall music.
I wasn’t sure what I might do with all of the chalkboard real estate within the four walls of my room, but it turns out they are perfect for organizing my projects. I created an outline with colored chalk and the smudges on the tips of my fingers feel like the beginning I was hoping for. There is a story in those pinkblueorangegreensmudges.
As I write this, I am sitting near the place I will have my masssage. It is a small cabin nestled in the woods in Ashford. Everything about it screams “welcome”. My body is more than ready to release the stress and whatever else may be blocking my creativity. One doesn’t go from the mad rush of the P.O. to this peaceful place easily. Although sometimes it is little more than a simple ‘hand to pressure-point’ reminder...
This was sooo much more than a massage !
Reiki, body energy work, massage and some intuitive conversation. I feel whole. If there are invisible channels to our creative places, mine feel open. It feels like a country road where before there was a traffic jam. I learned today about doing that kind of ‘psychic opening’ for myself. I understand better, right now in this moment, about how I might bring something much more meaningful to my work, both artistically and to my postal job. And it isn’t about alteration so much as it is about opening. Jillene is pretty amazing. Grounded, smart, spirutual and well, she definitely knows her work. I am grateful that she found what she was meant to do in the world. Check out Mountain Time Wellness if you’re ever in Ashford. I may have to return before I leave.
Even my drive back to Mineral felt more expansive somehow.
Nature heals in so many ways ♡
Lunch was an encore of last night’s meal. The salad is dressed with a homemade blue cheese dressing that is to die for. After lunch I took a stroll around the property. I love it here.
The fellowship I had applied for was inspired by a woman named Mona Lisa Roberts. Her family created it in her honor and the woman who received it this year is pretty awesome too. You’ll meet her here later. ( You know me, you’ll meet all my classmates if they are willing ). As promised. I am spending some time channeling the energy of Mona Lisa. Here is a bit of her art:
You know what these paintings inspire, right ? Tomorrow I will see how it feels to rise here before the sun and hike into Paradise at first light. Inspiration, right ? It won’t cool off until Wednesday and Thursday. That should be more productive time for me. My body is really just starting to relax. Today helped a lot. Everything is beginning to feel connected again. Like the branches of this tree that is my life are reaching toward the light and are not just a tangle of limbs desperate to find their way.
I started to work today after establishing something that resembles an outline. It’s like staring at an empty frame. I know something will eventually fill it but I’m in no hurry to make a specific discovery.
Color. Light. Words. Love.
Thank you, Jillene for seeing who I am and what I need to do ♡
Dinner tonight came with lively conversation. I learn so much just by listening. I’m off to sleep. I am fading with the sun …

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