Visiting Sassy ♡


Thinking of this beautiful creature ♡

I said “hello” this morning to the places we said “goodbye” to Sassy last fall. We left some of her ashes at Reflection Lake and I also let a handful blow freely into the air at Paradise.

It was a glorious morning at the mountain !

There is still plenty of snow. I made it most of the way up the Golden Gate trail, but it’s slippery. In a couple weeks I should be able to attempt the Skyline and Paradise Glacier trails.

It was so, so good to be back ♡

I am grateful for the beautiful solitude in these wee hours. On my way home, I stopped in Mineral for a personal tour and a lovely visit with my “dorm mom” for next week ! I’m so looking forward to my time there and today I also met the sister of Mona Lisa Roberts ( the angel of an artist for whom a fellowship was offered this year ). I’ll be honored to share soul-space with Mona Lisa. And her sister, Star, was a delight ☆

See you soon, Mineral School.

I love you already.

You know I'd love to hear from you !

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