We Must Always Take Sides


This is what America feels like sometimes. Fragile. Empty. Hollow.

A stark reminder of all that we used to be. All that we could be ..
After the inauguration of our 45th President I have quietly maintained a self-imposed news black-out. I listen to the Love channel in the car. I watch reruns of 1/2 hour comedy shows at night. I don’t listen to, or watch the news.
Of course it is impossible to avoid current events altogether. There’s Facebook. And emails. And conversation on my route. I mourn our abandoned ideals. I bristle at the thought of more hate and more violence in the world.
But sometimes the depth of a thing is so great that we cannot stay silent. Elie Wiesel said: ” You must always take sides “. I’m taking a side. 
Ripping children away from their parents is unconscionable. When the most vulnerable are at the mercy of the least vulnerable and this is their fate, we have clearly lost our way. Most of those families came in search of a better life. 
I’ll keep looking for a way to help. I can’t bear the thought of those babies crying for their Mamas. It is surreal to think that this is America. That we have slipped this far in such a short period of time. God help us. 

One Comment on “We Must Always Take Sides

  1. Part of my tears during yoga, I think. I am so sad for this country and this world. Where people aren’t safe in their own countries, wherever that may be. Jesus wept. God is weeping. Goddess is weeping. The Universe is weeping. We have become a despicable nation. I am ashamed. And I am grateful for those fighting for love and justice, which WILL win. It must. Thank you for taking a side. Maybe this is the issue that will finally turn it all back round.

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