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Just Weeks Away


I recently received all of the pertinent paperwork for my residency in Mineral this July. My braen is swirling trying to imagine all that delicious creative time. I have begun my lists and started to formulate a plan based on my own priorities. Imagine that. A plan based on my own priorities.


My hope, certainly, is to realize a flurry of productivity. I never confuse motion with action. One yields results, the other does not. As an artist, I know the value of both. As long as the motion is forever forward, it’s all good. Even if some of that “production” is fine-tuning a few plans I have in mind for the future, it will not be time lost.

I’ve been to Mineral twice. Once last winter in the snow.


Once, more recently, on a warm spring day. I’m hoping to have an idea of where I am on a map before I arrive. I expect I will do lots of early morning hiking to stay inspired.



I may even spend a few moments taking more photos of this place (below). The smallest P.O. in the country (at one time).


I don’t want to have unrealistically high expectations of these 14 days but I believe at my core that life turns on a dime. I used to think that meant some unwelcome change. Now I believe that the force of good in a life is directly proportionate to the depth of one’s faith.


Change is sometimes a really, really good thing.



I believe good things are ahead for me.

It’s written in stones … ♡



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