Ass: kicked/ Heart: full

Hamilton Mountain Trail at Beacon Rock State Park


Today was a good day. There were a number of reasons for that : Decent ( though long ) drive, perfect hiking weather, a beautiful trail, lots of solitude ( going up anyway ) and mostly, I got my summer courage up. Last year I hiked solo for the first time. By the end of summer, it was my preference. I really DO love people, but I’ve become quite spoiled on keeping my own pace. Pretty sure I wasn’t really in proper condition for this hike. Hamilton Mountain isn’t long, but it is steep. Very steep in places. It was a challenge for the beginning of my hiking season. I took my time and meandered down every spur trail.

I arrived at Beacon Rock State Park at 7:30 AM. There were five cars in the parking lot and I saw just two women heading up ahead of me. The trail itself was in great shape. The first mile was a gradual UP. It was cool in the woods and similar to many other trails. At about the one mile mark, things change.

The woodsy beginning gave way to flower-lined trail, sweeping views and waterfalls ! When you see the sign for Pool of the Winds, take it. Soo worth the extra few steps. The trail climbs in earnest after the waterfalls. I took the shorter, more difficult trail up to the summit. ( I understand the Hardy Creek trail to be longer but easier on the knees.)

The switchbacks heading up were short and steep. I lingered at the saddle before climbing to the summit. Once at the summit, the black flies were persistent if you dared to stop. I waited until Mt Hood came poking through the clouds. No view of any other Cascade peak this early. I was sorry to miss a glimpse of Mount Adams. I headed down around 11.

There was flora …






And wildlife ( haha) …



( A rubber boa snake. Non-venomous )

There were amazing trail shots …





There was water … !





And the views were simply amazing …





And a few surprises …


Nice finish at The Bridge of The Gods …

Really gorgeous day !


Thanks for taking this walk with me …


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