Dog Days

I have joined my dog and cat in the laziness of Sunday morning. While they jockey for the best spot in front of the fire, I pull the blanket up under my chin on the couch (which I now have to myself) and settle myself perfectly against pillows so that everything I need is in reach. Phone, coffee, notebook … all just an arms reach away. It won’t last, so I enjoy it moment by moment.
Gus prefers a certain catbed. If Yoda is sprawled out in it, Gus hovers over him, nudging him ever so gently until it annoys him enough to leave. Good strategy. ” Kill em’ with kindness.” He pretty much always gets what he wants in this way.
Kelly is helping me get prepared for my Mineral School retreat by revamping my website. She started a new page for me several weeks ago and now there is a new urgency to make a shift. I’m hoping to link everything I’m doing on one page: Art. Blog. Photos.
My Sunday plan changed after a quick peek into the backyard. Seems the Universe had a different plan for me. Here’s the before and after.
 And now onward to my long week of work. I’m happy to have earned my upcoming weekend of hiking in the sunshine ! Gorge, here I come !!

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