Lilliwaup and Hamma Hamma

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. I probably feel that way more than most as my postal career winds down. Today was my day. Forecast called for 60’s and sunny, even at Hoodsport, so I jumped at the chance to flee.
I’m guessing I drove longer than I hiked today. Most folks probably wouldn’t do that, but I have a different perspective than most folks. I think that when there is a new experience to be had that there is no such thing as too much effort. Or too long a drive. I will always (and all ways) put it in the win column. How will we ever know what we like … what we want … if we don’t try new things ?
Today I drove north on Hwy 101. I made a short detour on the Old Olympic Hwy as I chased a glimpse of the rising sun. I drove to a place called Wildcat Cove and ended up on a dead-end street with a view between houses of the sun coming up over the water. Beautiful ! Always worth an adventure to see dawn break. I drove back the way I came and eventually merged back onto the highway and drove along Hood Canal.
It’s a pretty drive and with areas of fog settling over the canal it was other-wordly. Of course the fog eventually gave way to full sun and I was almost blinded as the rays shot streaks of light through the trees.
I had the window down a bit and the radio cranked. Definitely a Bonnie Day. I smiled non-stop as I drove through Lilliwaup. What a cool name ! ( only later did I discover there was a Lilliwaup Falls I might have looked for. Next time ).
Next turn: Hamma Hamma Rd. I smiled even bigger.
Hamma Hamma 😊
The road all the way to the Lena Lake trailhead is lovely. And paved. THAT is rarely the case in my experience, but a wonderful treat.
It is a moderate hike, around 7,2 miles round trip. The trail is snow free and in mostly good shape.
On the last mile to the lake you will see a ginormous ( is that a word ? ) boulder on your left. Between that boulder and the lake it gets tricky.
A couple notable blow-downs and significant water over the trail in a few spots. It is all passable and made for an interesting hike in.
A good friend did this hike last year and had a few fun surprises too. Read her Adventure Log here.
I’ll let my pictures tell the rest of the story.
 Trillium, Avalanche Lilies, yellow flowers, pink buds, fungus and extraordinary examples of decay. Nature is the brilliant one, lest we ever forget.
Lower Lena Lake is a stunner too. Lots of spots for camping or just a lovely spot to take in the natural landscape on a sunny day. Depending on where I was taking a picture from, the lake cast a different shade of green/blue. Clear as a bell throughout. I followed the lake trail to its source. I’m saving the climb to Upper Lena Lake for when I’m in a little better shape. My body loves to move but it definitely lets me know when it’s had enough. I’ll be back !
It was a nice walk back to the car as many more people were heading up. I saw only two women and one crazy labrador retriever on my way up. Perfect day !

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  1. Thanks for giving me a sense of what it will be like when I go there tomorrow. The photos were really lovely and helpful, as was your text.

  2. Thanks for allowing me a ginormously beautiful, albeit vicarious hike in the PNW. I miss thise and you, too.

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