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“At a certain point in my fifties,” she said, “I woke up one morning and decided I was just done. I was done listening to all the negative voices in my head.  The voices that said, ‘You’re not pretty enough, or smart enough, or nice enough, or thin enough, or good enough.’ I realized that I am who I am — and I’m fine with that. I’m enough. And having that clear sense of myself, and that acceptance, completely freed me. I suddenly had a lot more time and energy to put into the things that matter. Like living my life and doing my work. “
-Anna Quindlen
“Being “enough,” it turns out, is a choice not an accomplishment. Being enough has nothing to do with our achievements and everything to do with our qualities. And so the conversation I want to have with myself these days isn’t “Am I enough?” but rather, “Am I being kind? Am I being honest? Am I being useful? Have I made the day a little easier or a little better for someone else?”
– Katrina Kenison
Art and self. Figuring it all out.

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