So long, 2017. I’ve loved you so. 

My year in pictures.


I fell in love this year so many times, but mostly with the mountains. This year I knew how it felt to spring out of bed at 3:15 AM, giddy about the hours ahead. I knew the rush of emotions that would accompany each new adventure. I learned about moon phases and astronomical twilight and civil twilight. I learned that packing my backpack is a lot like packing for life: keep it light, bring what is necessary and if it doesn’t have a purpose or send your heart racing, leave it behind.


I ate better this year. I drank more water. I saw more sunrises in the last 12 months than I have in my previous 55 years. And each one was different. Each one changed me. I learned to take better pictures. I learned patience. There is something valuable in waiting. I gained a forever friend. I lost a sweet animal spirit. I learned to get quiet with myself. I learned to ride Lyft and push through fear and embrace the world around me.


I made art. I wrote letters. I gave away pieces of myself to the Universe and those pieces came back stronger and kinder. I reached out. I listened. I read more poetry and more books and I practiced a cautious optimism. I held onto the people and the things that grow my soul.


I danced MYSELF through the panic.

I gathered MYSELF safely in.


I like me. I like who I am heading into the unknown that is this year ahead. I trust myself. I want to learn more and share more and open my heart a little wider. I want to be hopeful. And optimistic. I want to stand for peace and love, connections and opportunity. I want to begin this year unafraid and I want to create my own map for finding my way home. Like dropping little crumbs I can follow in the moonlight.


I want to respect my age and love my body. I want to know my limits and stretch them until the scar tissue breaks. I want to FEEL this coming year. All of it. Every ache and pain. Every joyful exchange that sends a shudder through my body. I vow to hug longer and talk softer and make a beautiful thing every day.


So long, 2017. I’ve loved you so.


Hello, 2018. It is so, so nice to meet you …





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