I suppose there are worse things than a trip to the ER, but I’m not sure what they are right now. First, I should say that everyone is fine. I suppose the obvious worse thing would be a different outcome.

Kelly has had as lingering illness and this morning she seemed worse. I asked if she wanted me to stay home and she insisted I go. So I headed off to work but turned around in Covington. Sometimes you have to go with your gut. When I called to tell her I was coming home, she was relieved I think, having thought further about her earlier answer. The consulting nurse insisted she go to ER and so off we went.

I’m not a fan of hospitals. Anyone who has spent much time there knows they are an unpleasant place. They can feel safe as you are spiraling out of control, but once you have steadied yourself against the forces of doom, they are glaring in their deficiencies.

They aren’t the cleanest places. I know you might think otherwise, but most ER’s are not like they are on tv. TV shows these beautiful, high tech facilities, where everyone is properly gloved at all times and there is never a stray towel or bandage wrapper or piece of tape on the floor. Real ER’s arent always so pristine. I hesitated to look too closely at anything.

I’d also say that I must have overheard a dozen conversations which included personal Q&A’s. There were people in hallways having blood drawn. They ran out of clean pillows and had to go on a scavenger hunt for a “blanket”.

It’s also expensive. Very expensive.

We are among the lucky ones who have insurance. I just have to shake my head when I consider the millions who could soon be without. It was busy in this ER. And it is likely to increase tenfold if insurance is stripped from so many people. What will they do ? If they can’t afford to buy private insurance how in the world could they be expected to pay a $2500.00 ER bill ?

Privilege is a thing. Most wealthy people don’t know what these small hospitals are like. Most will never step foot in these halls. They will never know what it’s like to have to choose between going to a doctor and keeping a job. Illness is getting stronger, drugs are getting weaker in their ability to fight it and the lines are getting longer to get any kind of help.

The good news was the efficiency of the staff once we made it through the magical automatic door. The doctor was kind and thorough and Leo was the rockstar who got the IV in. He was good. “Very good”  according to Kelly.

Today was not so horrible but tomorrow, for all of us, is shaping up to be among the greatest challenges of our time.



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  1. Thinking of your wife and you and of course the kids. 💗

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