Catching Up

Today was catch-up day. Cards, laundry, bags … just putting things in order and having some closure on holiday gift thank you’s. I published my poem to Facebook with little fanfare. I love it so much. But this is the life of an artist. People who ignore you or brilliant flashes that fall flat are all a part of what it means to put yourself out there. I am an artist.

In fact, that’s something I need to say more often.

I am an artist.
I AM an artist.
I am an ARTIST.
Made 24 cards today. I look forward to the day that I can let my mind wander and it isn’t contained inside of a day or a frame of time. It’s more difficult to be creative on a schedule. Not impossible, just much more difficult.

But I am an artist.
An artist.


Tonight I will draw a card for my dreams … I’ll log it in my tarot journal.

AKA my ” Journey Journal ” … journey indeed.

You know I'd love to hear from you !

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