New Year, New Day


So it begins. A new year with a blank slate. A year ahead free of the baggage of the last year. It will be my challenge to quit sneaking a look in the rear view mirror. There is nothing there that I need to see in order to move forward.

I came home last night to a package waiting for me. A box from Gretchen. Surprising for many reasons but so timely it could not be ignored. A tarot deck. Arriving just ahead of a new year overflowing with possibility.

I did my first few spreads this morning and now I will sit with it all. I also performed a ritual that will help say goodbye to a few things I need to leave behind. I have not yet done a spread for the new year. I have not yet done a specific spread for my work. That comes tonight. In silence. In private. With fire, water, earth and air.

I’ll report back my musings of this morning’s spread and journal about my experience tonight. For now, a few photos … and a glimmer of new hope ♡

I chose to adopt a letting go ritual as described by Elizabeth Gilbert. The candle I used for my morning reading also became the fire by which I burned the pages I wrote describing what I wish to leave behind. The ashes took a float down the Green River this morning…


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