Are you breathing just a little –

And calling it a life?

-Mary Oliver

It’s the first of October, which signals a new month and a new season and I always have some anticipation around these new beginnings. Also, I’m sorry to say I haven’t eaten better, or filled a few journal pages or exercised more, as I often resolve. (Not yet, anyway)

Mostly, I have just lived another day. Sometimes (most times) expectation shows up with it’s evil twin- disappointment and it’s impossible to tear them apart. So I chose to leave them both behind. A very good decision. 

Today I walked until it got too people-y, took a nap this afternoon when I was tired and watched the setting sun spill orange light into my art space while I sat and did nothing but bear witness. Living in the moments. 

Delighting in them. 

I took dozens of pictures this morning, but deleted most of them, so that the tiny bits of life before me could really stand out. And this furry little creature took center stage. 

Small good things are a theme this week. So happy to welcome Autumn.