Skyscraper Mountain

Sunrise at Sunrise
The cloud was like a fancy cap
She looks beautiful in black & white
Frozen Lake
Trail to Skyscraper
At Sunrise
Skyscraper Mountain
American Pipit
Marmots everywhere
Her “come hither” pose
Wonderland Trail
American Kestrel
Wonderland Trail
This is what awaited me at the top. I thought I’d have a good half hour to myself, but these flying things covered (and I DO mean covered) the boulders at the summit.


There were hundreds ! No lunch for me up there today.
View coming down from Skyscraper
Love for My Mountain
Her Majesty

This was my last hike before my hike-a-thon. I made two grave errors, and now I have a list before I walk out the door and one before I lock the car and head up the mountain. Yes, Kelly, you were right.

I forgot my GPS, and although it wasn’t crucial at such a busy place, it needs to be a habit. And here’s the worst one: it wasn’t until I was on the Wonderland Trail that I realized I had forgotten my water ! Stupid mistake and not one I’m likely to make again. I took it out of my pack so I could strap down my poles and it spent the morning on my back seat.

Sigh. The lists are a good idea anyway. It was a beautiful early morning at the park. Saw just a handful of people my first three hours and lots of folks after that. Happy Friday ! Stay tuned for my hike-a-thon updates. I only wish the fires would die down and the haze would clear. Prayers for everyone affected. Onward … 💙