(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Theler Wetland Refuge in Belfair

What began as another foggy morning cleared out just enough to capture a few good shots out at Theler Wetland Trails in Belfair. It’s a new to me refuge and I loved it. I spoke with a person from Fish & Wildlife who said there is a fairly big restoration plan in the works. It may look a little different in three years.

The Whispering Branch

I went because I had heard there was a long-eared owl reported in these woods, but having never been here I mostly wandered. Eagles, hawks, herons and a few little birds welcomed me to this new place. It’s just an hour from home and every person I ran into was friendly. A good day in my book.

I just booked a five day birding trip in Central Oregon. It isn’t until May, but I am beyond excited. I’ll be staying in a little cabin at Playa at Summer Lake. It’s the place I hope to do a residency someday. There is a guided bird walk one morning with a legendary local birder. I am sooo jazzed. Hoping for a trip to BC this spring and I might just make this my summer of refuge(s). A great day!

Early morning boardwalk
The foggy view
Heart-stopper. So beautiful!
Spotted Towhee
Red-tail hawk
American bald eagle
Watching the herons with interest
On the treetop
Uh-oh …
A bit of a tussle
Making a play for that spot
Winner, winner
A meditative moment
The elusive owl? 😊
The portal …