What is Falling

There is a metaphor here somewhere, I just know it. As I watch the fires rage, I know that good things will eventually come from all of it. Regrowth. Renewal. Regeneration. A great big Reset. In the forest and in the wildness of my heart.


I suppose there are worse things than a trip to the ER, but I’m not sure what they are right now. First, I should say that everyone is fine. I suppose the obvious worse thing would be a different outcome. Kelly has had as lingering illness and this morning she seemed worse. I asked if… Continue reading ER


I rose at 3 AM after a fitful night of sleep. Kelly has been sick and I had to cancel plans for an early sunrise hike, knowing I couldn’t commit to being there. Her fever broke overnight and so when my alarm went off, I scooted out for a drive. It seems that the only… Continue reading Buzz