In Search of the Very

Just searching for the good stuff .

For thirty years, my snow days looked a lot like this : Now, they look a lot more like this : Auburn Environmental Park Flaming Geyser State Park Mom and Dad’s House (Yes, we let Dad win … ) Finally relaxing into it. I think…

Snow Day

The argument could certainly be made that I’m “just this side of crazy”. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But is crazy really the right word ? I dropped K off at the train and high-tailed it to Nisqually. I’m here ahead of sunrise with just…




Color has once again drained from the sky and with only a few fleeting moments of blue, this palette is grey on grey on more grey. It’s always a challenge to know how best to stay connected to the earth in these months. My RA…

Neither Rain …



  There’s something incredibly sad to me about “putting away Christmas”. I’ve let it all stand through the (almost) twelve days (and the days before) and rose each morning to the sparkle of rainbow lights. The color is about to drain out of the room…

What Sparks Joy



Happy New Year ! Here we are waking up in the year 2020 and the past forty years feel like a blur. I’ll observe my 40th high school reunion this year, celebrate 30 years sober, begin the process of downsizing a life full of things…




Last week I had a photo come up on my Facebook memories from Trillium Lake. It wasn’t my photo. I have never been there. Not the lake OR Mt Hood. But it was calling to me … And so I knew I was going. Checking the…


  Today is “Good Riddance Day” . The day we shed bad memories from the past twelve months. What would you like to leave behind ?  

Good Riddance Day



  I like to think I’m a hopeful person.       Packing up a few small necessities this morning I was filled with these three things:   1) Hope that the gate would be open early   2) Hope that I could make it…

The Trifecta



It is nearly winter. If the fall seems like a long, silent walk into darkness, winter is the corridor through which one must pass to return to the light. Tonight we step fully into that corridor. I feel it in a dozen ways, this deepening…




A trip to Portlandia and an evening walk at the Billy Frank Jr Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. All kinds of sanctuary in this day. Blessings for all.  

Magic Monday

I had a visceral deja vu last night. Is there such a thing ? I stepped out into dusk just as the sky went smoky pink and gray. It was beautiful. It’s one of my favorite night skies when it looks like steel and silk,…

Deja Vu