In Search of the Very

Just searching for the good stuff .

It is Friday according to my calendar.Plans and appointments on that calendar, erased.  I have scraps of paper everywhere and notes attached to other notes and none of it really matters. It has been a thinking morning, not a producing one. I’ve let my thoughts…

Just After



It’s shaping up to be an emotionally charged and challenging week. Not just for me. For the world. Who could have imagined what is happening right now ? Even as I ask that question I know the answer. Science. The science community has been well…




I suppose in some respects it feels a little like the bottom is falling out of everything. Those things that have helped plant and ground us, are falling away. It isn’t like a tumble down a grassy knoll either… it’s like stepping off a cliff. …

The Nisqually Delta

An early start and light traffic helped me justify the long drive to the Gorge this morning. I passed my usual stop at Nisqually in nautical twilight. At this time of morning you could navigate a ship by the light of the moon It was…

Be a Lamp or a Lifeboat or a Ladder



Let’s all take a deep breath.  So many thoughts are swirling about what I should do now and what the future holds. Often, I catch myself and remember the very wise words of my teacher/friend Karen Maezen Miller: “No one has to master living in…

Arranging the Pieces



I have read some wonderful things in the past few days about coping strategies during this unprecedented time. Bless the writers, that’s what I say.  And bless our furry little babies who sense something is not quite right and are just snuggling closer. Gus, comforter-in-chief. …

A New Normal

I’m feeling a bit obsessive these days. Everything from drying out my skin with sanitizer to carefully watching how often I touch my face. ( I have wild eyebrows that require constant calming.) Yesterday, against my better judgement, I took the light rail into Pioneer…

It’s For Real

My RA is flaring right now and this morning was not a sure bet that I’d be dragging myself out the door by 5:30 AM. My hands and feet have felt like every joint was on fire. The joints in my wrist are swollen to…

So Much More Alone